Thursday, October 23, 2014

It started with just ONE!

It started with ONE…..a single, dirty, unkempt solitary boy left in the corner……The unwritten sign above his life was blaring and underscored ‘UNWANTED’… dared read it or utter a word of it’s plain reality…..or respond to its futile certainty.

Alone and abandoned in the corner of a prison for no other crime than existing……His undersized frame matched his feeble substance. Breathing?......Yes……Living?......No!

Jailed for his disability, labelled a vegetable – unwelcome, discarded, useless, nameless……lost.
THE ONE whose very conception somehow kick started me out of my comfort zone to dare to believe that there is something more……THE ONE who may have only gasped for each phlegm infected breath in his horrid, stinking fecal covered filth but whose life mattered…..and whose heart I treasure more than he will ever know…….He reshaped my journey…..He was just ONE……a catalyst to change it all. (Letter to Dong tells his story)

But in reality -I AM the FIRST lost coin……a small little speck in the blink of eternity, misplaced and adrift in my own plans and purposes….scripting my story yet so far off the target……astray from real meaning, overlooking and blinded to a life through the lens of my own dreams and plans.

 I was seen……I was found……  and valued…… Just an insignificant penny in infinity’s economy; but somehow part of a design beyond my worth.

Dong was a coin that I lost along the way.....His legacy lives on.......

May the search continue.....XXX

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Challenge: Finding Value

This is our family project to try and encourage as many people as we can to share kindness and find the value of the " Lost Coins" around us!...... 

(The challenge is Inspired by the parable of the Lost Coins and our own response to help children who are abandoned and neglected on our streets here in Cagayan de Oro city Philippines.)

1) We would like to invite everyone who joins the project to take a look around your house - inside your pockets, under your sofa and at the bottom of your cabinet drawers and find as many 'Lost Coins' that are around you as you can......

2) However many coins you find represent the number of people you now need to share kindness to in one way or another.......(Time to get creative!!!)

3) We would then also like to ask you to invite 2 other people to join the challenge by giving them a coin (and join the Facebook group: 'The Lost Coin Project' - It is a closed group but you can just request to join)

3) We would like to hear back your stories and we are going to try and keep this blog about our journey of learning.......

For those who PRAY and even for those who don't but would like to try we would like to ask you to consider a second challenge:

1) To take one of your 'Lost Coins' and stick it somewhere where you spend at least 2 minutes of your day......The bathroom where you brush your teeth, the mirror.......your coffee cup.....

2) To take 2 minutes a day for the next 12 days to pray for street children.....and particularly for our 12 'Lost Coins' who are children who have run away from our House of Joshua (home for abandoned, orphaned and neglected street children) over the past 2 years......who we still love and hold with GREAT value in our hearts.

@TurningHeartAcheIntoSomethingToMakeADifference xxxxxxxxxxxx